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homeless, divorced, layed off mother of three. Desperate 4 progress

nikkole started this conversation

My daily prayer is that God will have mercy on my children. I ask that he bless me with the ability to show my children a stable ,loving, home enviorment. I don't need riches but right now  have nothing but love! I have been working since i was 14, My mother left me a house and overdue bills at 18.  have always been playing catch up to keep a roof over my head. Sad to say in May  my children and i were placed on the streets and two weeks later  was layed off! i am a 32 year old divorced Mother of three who has been living from house to house try to avoid adding a homeless shelter to my childrens childhood memories. I am prayng.  have cried.  I even gave up for a moment. But  am back! My kids need  ME! my kids need You! I am n ot asking for a hand out so that i dont have to work or so that i can live in the Lap Of Luxurey. All  am As asking for is the help that someone gave you. Resources please. Have an one Bedroom Apt  with utilities included that i can move into on Oct.15.But I need 585 for security and first months rent. I have no furniture and i have to move out off the are of my childrens charter school and  dont drive so am going to need help with transport. I Know that there are places available to aisst me, my situation is not unique but i dont know who or where but you do  so please help! I am a 32 year single black female i have 11 year old daughter, an eight years old adhd/odd son and a three year old daughter.

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